What is a rotary dampers


Dampers attenuate shocks and outside vibrations caused when an object in movement is stopped abruptly. They also help to control speed. Dampers have many applications. For instance, they can be used to control seat movement or storage compartment opening. Different technologies may be used to generate torque in a very compact product and achieve the desired damping effect. SEAC produces three ranges of dampers

We produce different types of damper, each with a specific use related to passenger comfort and safety. To help you explain our product range, we’ve produced a short video showing the functions and use if each type of damper.

Load-responsive dampers

Torque is generated according to the load applied, using a unique mechanism, whereas operating speed is constant. Our parent company in Japan is the first firm in the world to have developed a resin damper. Years of experience have given us the highest level of know-how.

Pressure-resistant Dampers

Torque is generated by compressing oil. This process provides high torque, even in a very tight space. This type of damper comes with one or two rotation directions.

Viscous-resistant type Dampers

Torque generated by oil viscosity This gives us complete freedom of operating angle. Reactivity is immediate and the product is very compact.